Hebrew Dictionary for iPhone & iPad

English to Hebrew Dictionary is composed of most common and concise English words and corresponding Hebrew explanations.

It has up-to-date and accessible information on the core vocabulary of current English and related terms. It has clear layout and most accurate definitions.

Features for iPhone:
1. Fast Searching
2. Multiple Choice Game

Features for iPad:
1. Fast Searching
2. Random Words
3. Guess Word Game
4. Multiple Choice Game

This is not only a dictionary but also a vocabulary builder application that will help you to learn new words each day. So in iPad version there are 3 different ways to learn words.

By using random words you can see random words to learn.
In Guess Word game we will show you an explanation and you’ve to guess the correct word.
In Multiple Choice game you’ll see 10 explanations and for each explanation you’ll see 4 answers. Among 4 answers you’ve to select 1 correct answer.

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Another educational facebook application

Today I released another educational application for facebook. This is also my personal application based on Zend Framework. This is  clone of my another facebook application GRE Dictionary & Vocabulary Builder

Here is the link of my application:

Features of this application: Read the rest of this entry »

GRE Dictionary & Vocabulary Builder

For some days I was busy to develop a personal educational facebook application. Today I finally released that. This is currently in beta version. This application serves as a GRE dictionary and vocabulary builder tools. I’m inviting you to add this application and give me feedback whatever you think about this app.

Here is the link  http://apps.facebook.com/ftechdb-gre/

The technology I used to develop this app.

  1. Zend Framework 1.6
  2. Blueprint CSS Framework
  3. PHP 5.0
  4. Action Script 3.0
  5. FBJS
  6. FBML
  7. Facebook Library
  8. Photoshop + Illustrator