How to filter and validate data in php

Before php 5.2.0 when we have to validate or filter user data, we normally use regex and some php functions. Some of those regex are difficult to understand. So normally most of the coders search in google to collect the correct regex to validate data and also use some php functions to filter data. Read More

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User’s Demographic Data From Facebook

Sometimes we may need to collect facebook user’s basic data for our website or application. Then we’ve to call graph api or legacy api or fql query to collect some specific data. This is a basic requirements for most of the fbconnect base website or facebook application. To simplify this task here I published some code so that you could easily use this code and can integrate in your site. Read Full Article

PHP SDK & Graph API Base Facebook Connect Tutorial

Using facebook official PHP SDK learn how to call graph api, how to check user’s authentication, how to integrate facebook features for your site. You’ll also see how to call legacy api, how to call fql query and how to use dynamic graph api like updating user status. Take a look, make your site soc… Read Full Article

Getting user’s rank using mysql query

In this article you’ll learn how to get user’s rank in mysql query. Check the link

How to use amazon s3 using php

Amazon Simple Storage Service is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. In this article learn how to use Amazon S3 service using php and zend framework.  How to use amazon s3 using php

Must have wordpress cheat sheet

Obfuscate your email in webpage

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