How to filter and validate data in php

Before php 5.2.0 when we have to validate or filter user data, we normally use regex and some php functions. Some of those regex are difficult to understand. So normally most of the coders search in google to collect the correct regex to validate data and also use some php functions to filter data. Read More

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Facebook PopUp Authentication Window Using PHP & Javascript

Create facebook style javascript base popup authentication window using your own php and javascript code. You can also use this article’s javascript and php technique to create twitter, linkedin or your own authentication popup window. Read Full Article

Learn how to integrate linkedin api in your site

In this tutorial you’ll learn why we should integrate linkedin api and how could we integrate it. Check out the full article from here

Getting user’s rank using mysql query

In this article you’ll learn how to get user’s rank in mysql query. Check the link

Develop dynamic flash widget using PHP

In this article I’m showing how could I use php api in my actionscript 3.0 project using amfphp library. Develop dynamic flash widget using PHP & ActionScript 3.0


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