Amazon S3 Vs Rackspace Cloud Files

I have been using rackspace cloud storage as a CDN for my site for some months. Before moving to rackspace I first used Amazon S3 and my overall experience is amazon S3 is slower than rackspace.

Socialize your site using facebook social plugins

Social plugins enable you to provide engaging social experiences to your users with just a line of HTML. Because they are hosted by Facebook, the plugins are personalized for all users who are logged into Facebook — even if the users haven’t yet signed up for your site.

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Monitor your website using 3rd party tools

If you have some web sites, you should chose a third party tool to monitor your site. Sometimes sites become down and we don’t know until someone inform us. To know about these tools read the following article

Free mind mapping software – must have

Using this awesome free software you can design your thinking visually and represent as a nice way so that other people can easily understand. check out the following link to know more about this free software

How to use amazon s3 using php

Amazon Simple Storage Service is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. In this article learn how to use Amazon S3 service using php and zend framework.  How to use amazon s3 using php


Some helpful programming/web/technical related books are here Books

Windows Xp Vs Ubuntu

After 4 months I’ve to fully come back Windows Xp instead of Ubuntu Linux. There are some reasons why I’ve to take this major dicision.

  1. My laptop Compaq EvoN6206 is designed for Windows Xp. 512 ram and pentium M processor 1.4 GHZ gives better performance than Ubuntu or Fedora.
  2. As I’ve license to use Windows Xp so there is no problem to use it.
  3. In my laptop, Ubuntu is 3 times slower than Windows Xp.
  4. Ubuntu Hardy haron 8.04’s Ram management is not good. In windows when I minimize an application, it free the RAM taken by this app to other. But Ubuntu could’nt do it properly.
  5. As a web application developer, its a headache wheather your web application is running fine in Internet Explorer or Not. I couldn’t manage to run IE7 in linux.
  6. However, beside windows I still installed Ubuntu in my laptop. But, most of the time I’ll use Windows Xp. In future may be I use linux most of the time or will buy a Apple laptop to get the flavour of unix.