Graph API & Iframe base Facebook Page Application Development

In this tutorial you’ll see some more advance features of facebook page application development.

iAdvance – Graph API & Iframe base Facebook Page Application Development


Iframe base Facebook Page Application Development

Facebook page application development now become very easy as Facebook added iframe supports recently.

Checkout the following tutorial to learn more.

how to track users who are removing your facebook application

Sometimes we may need to track which users of our facebook application are removing the application from their application setting. In 2008, there is a setting parameter named something like “remove application url” or other, that is now changed by facebook. Read More

How to add comments features in your fanpage

Suppose you have some products to show your fanpage and you want to know what comments user made about those products. Then you can easily use facebook’s comments plugin to make this feature.

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Facebook fanpage template structure

Sometimes you may need to make a page tab for your facebook fan page. If you need fanpage tab, you can easily add static fbml application in your fan page and customize the page using some xfbml tags and basic html/css/js. Here I provided a basic fanpage template. You can customize and use this code for your fanpage easily.

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Retrieving time like facebook style

In facebook stream you’ll see the time period at the bottom of the stream. For example: 4 minutes ago, 2 days ago, 3 weeks ago…. In our recent project we have to show similar time fashion for our application’s activity stream. So I write a function to retrieve the time duration.

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Various way to retrieve facebook user’s friendlist

Sometimes you may need to retrieve user’s friend-list in facebook. You can retrieve user friends list in several ways. Using new graph api you can retrieve friend-list or you can call legacy api to retrieve friend-list.

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