Graph API & Iframe base Facebook Page Application Development

In this tutorial you’ll see some more advance features of facebook page application development.

iAdvance – Graph API & Iframe base Facebook Page Application Development


Iframe base Facebook Page Application Development

Facebook page application development now become very easy as Facebook added iframe supports recently.

Checkout the following tutorial to learn more.

Increase facebook iframe app’s performance

This tutorial is for advanced facebook app developer. If you’re beginner than first learn about developing facebook application. Normally if you see iframe base or fbconnect base facebook application development using php sdk you’ll notice some authentication code.

Checkout the full tutorial

IFrame Base Facebook Application Development

Facebook is one of the top social networking site and its easy to develop facebook application. You can also easily integrate facebook features via facebook connect into your site. But it may happen that you want to develop facebook application that will run within facebook site. If this is the case, then this is the right article for you to start. In this article I discussed all the basics and techniques you need to develop iframe base facebook application. Read Full Post

Facebook – FBML rendering in IFrame application

Before proceeding the main topic, at first I want to describe how to develop  IFrame based facebook application. I assume that, the reader have minimum knowledge of how to develop Canvas based facebook application. If you never develop any facebook application please visit:

Steps of Developing IFrame based facebook application:

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