RapidSVN software for Ubuntu

As a developer, it’s very urgent to use Subversion. I found a nice and powerful GUI tool for Ubuntu. Just install it. It’ll create a link to programming of start menu.

sudo apt-get install rapidsvn


Subversion – A tool for controlling version of source code.

SVN (Subversion) is a tool used by many software developers to manage changes within their source code tree. SVN provides the means to store not only the current version of a piece of source code, but a record of all changes (and who made those changes) that have occurred to that source code. Use of SVN is particularly common on projects with multiple developers, since SVN ensures changes made by one developer are not accidentally removed when another developer posts their changes to the source tree. Information about accessing this Subversion repository may be found in “Subversion (Version Control for Source Code)“.

In order to access a Subversion repository, you must install a special piece of software called a Subversion client. Subversion clients are available for most any operating system. Information about Subversion client software may be found in our document titled “Recommended User Software Configuration“.

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