How to get external parameters in ActionScript 3

In this article you will learn how you can pass parameter from html and get them in your flash object. check out the full article


Develop dynamic flash widget using PHP

In this article I’m showing how could I use php api in my actionscript 3.0 project using amfphp library. Develop dynamic flash widget using PHP & ActionScript 3.0

Communication between Action Script 3.0 And Server

Some days ago I developed a personal facebook application. In that application, I’ve to communicate between my flash (AS 3.0) game and my server. Now I’ve given the scenario I’ve faced:

Case 1: My target was to develop a dictionary and some simple word puzzle type games. And the application is for facebook.

Case 2: I developed and implemented the dictionary using FBJS (Facebook javascript). For data exchange format between FBJS and PHP I use JSON format (Really a lightweight format). Finally I implemented the dictionary perfectly.

Case 3: Now I chose to develop the games using FBJS. But the problem was, by seeing view source anyone could see the data come from PHP.  So, I decided to use Action Script 2.0 to develop the games. I know AS 2.0 very well but I found there are lot of changes (Core changes) in AS 3.0. So I decided to develop games using Flash Action Script 3.0. As I also want to learn the new trends of AS 3.0.

Case 4. Now I described the problem I faced to develop AS 3.0 games and to integrate them into facebook and how I solved them.

After succesfully developed the game, when data sent to flash from my server, there are 2 ways to do that from AS 3.0
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