Eclipse vs NetBeans IDE for php, css, html, javascript

I’ve used 4 IDEs for php based web application development. In my old laptop, I used notepad++ to write php, html, javascript, css code. notepad++ is a very light weight IDE and takes less resources.

**notepad++ IDE is best if your laptop/pc’s configuaration is old.

In my PC I used Zend Studio v 5.2 for long time (5/6 months) to write php code. Zend Studio is a very good IDE. But in that IDE there is some limitations. One of which is that, Zend Studio doesn’t render div matching correctly. But If you use Zend Framework, then using Zend Studio is a better choice as this framework’s class or funtions are automatically shown. But remember Zend Studio is not free, you’ve to buy it.

Then I moved to use Eclipse IDE for writing php code. And currently I’m using NetBeans IDE and below I’ve given a comparison between Eclipse and NetBeans for writing php based web application.

NetBeans IDE 7.0M1 Eclipse PDT 2.0
Free IDE. Free IDE.
Support php, javascript, css, html, java, SVN and lots… Support php, javascript, css, html, java, SVN and lots…
Common function of php will show automatically or by pressing ctrl + space. Common function of php will show automatically or by pressing ctrl + space.
For HTML, it checks div correctly, if there is any unmatched tag like <div> …<div> then it will colored and show that problemtic line. So you could easily fix that <div> …. </div> Eclipse couldn’t render div matching properly.
If your file’s extension is .php but you write <style>…</style> netbeans automatically colored the css code in here according to css style. If your file’s extension is .php and in that file you write css code within <style>….</style> eclipse couldn’t render that according to CSS color rather it shows only black color.
Common javascript functions are shown correctly or using ctrl + space. Common javascript functions are shown correctly or using ctrl + space.
Indentation format is very good in netbeans. If you select a block of code, that may contains css, javascript, html or php code, netbeans format that code very clearly and placed indentation nicely. Eclipse is not good as netbeans. Specially when you’ll mix html + php code Eclipse makes those more ugly.
I give 9 out of 10 to netbeans. (overall score) I give 5 out of 10 to eclipse. (overall score)

49 Responses to “Eclipse vs NetBeans IDE for php, css, html, javascript”

  1. alexey_baranov Says:

    Thank you very much! What about class hierarchy movement in PDT2?

  2. shahid Says:

    cool comparison!

  3. Ashish Says:

    Nice comparison.

    Although for PHP 4, Eclipse is better especially if you include the Aptana plugin 🙂

  4. Thuan Nguyen Says:

    I agree with you that NetBeans for PHP is better than others but I don’t think Notepad++, Vi, Dream Weaver, GEdit, KEdit, Kwrite etc… are IDEs, they’re just editors.

    To me, an IDE must support these features:
    – editing
    – debugging
    – project managing (with outline navigation)

  5. Kaylei Says:

    Thank you very much! This comparison was VERY helpful!

  6. vishal Says:

    Nice Comparison

  7. Joe Says:

    Thanks for the comparison. I’ve gone the route of notepad++ to eclipse but I have random file locking issues of project files and other small niggly bits. Off the back of this will defo try netbeans.

  8. Imran Says:

    Thanks alot. It is very helpful

  9. Mario Says:

    Very nice!

    Netbeans is a free and powerfull IDE! I love it! \o/

  10. mty Says:

    Just a question… Is Netbean better than Eclipse with autocompletion ?

    I think its really essential and usefull, but last time i tried, Eclipse were powerfulest in that case, it’s why i keep using it.

    PS: i’m french, sorry for my syntax errors ^^’

  11. 徐超 Says:


  12. Vincent Fleetwood Says:

    Been using eclipse a lot for the last few years, started using Netbeans when I moved from Windows to Ubuntu and thought I’d give it a go. Netbeans works well and formats code properly – PDT doesn’t when I use it – it just removes all indentation which is very painful.

  13. michael Says:

    The big missing factor for me is that netbeans does not support smarty. Knockout fight over. Until it can do that netbeans remains a non-option.

    Wish I had know that before bothering to install it.

  14. codelobster Says:

    I work using Codelobster PHP Edition
    It is free PHP IDE and it has almost all these ablilities.

  15. Frameworks usw in PHP, Java usw « devswi – weiter gehts Says:

    […] Liebste PHP Entwicklungsumgebung: NetBeans 56% (764 votes) Eclipse PDT 14% (191 votes) Zend Studio 6.2% (84 votes) Notepad++ 7.3% (100 votes) VI (unix) 2.3% (31 votes) GEdit (linux) 1.5% (20 votes) Adobe Dreamwaver 5.1% (69 votes) UltraEdit 0.6% (8 votes) Other 7.2% (98 votes) Total Votes: 1,365 […]

  16. deax Says:

    netbean can use smarty just download the plugin

  17. RCD Says:

    Excellent post! I’ve read a ton of back and forth discussion between netbeans and eclipse but very few people list specific differences

  18. Jonny Says:

    Aptana takes over your entire IDE installing plugins and hooks everywhere. It’s a bloated with 99% useless features that nobody ever needs. In the end I got rid of it because it was causing a lot of errors and even corrupted configs.

  19. minni Says:

    thank you for comparsion. it have benfit!!!

  20. espolson Says:

    Notepad++ is NOT an IDE.

  21. espolson Says:

    Oh, and Netbeans is the king. If there’s support you don’t think it has check the plugins, it’s there.

  22. carl Says:

    Great post. I was just deciding and I think will defenitly go for netbeans _:-

  23. jimbo Says:

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    • James Says:

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  24. Mohammad Ashrafuddin Ferdousi Says:

    @jimbo, where in this site, u ‘ve found the “ISLAMOFASCISM”, can u please point out? u r sounding like a fascist, u know? Please be informed that, the discussion of the post was netbeans Vs. Eclipse, NOT RELIGION. 🙂

    Anyway, for php i like netbeans. Have a nice day to all.

  25. Uzzal Devkota Says:

    ThanxXx mAn . . that was what I have been searching for last 3 minutes . . 😀 😀

  26. güncel blog Says:

    i also use netbeans and it is good.

  27. umpirsky Says:

    Nice article.

    I switched to NetBeans after version 7.0 has been released. It’s faster, more lightweight and code completion is better. Its easier to configure and looks like everithing just works, in Eclipse you need to deal with complex configuration, and I wanted to focus on coding. But they are both good.

    I compared them, you can

  28. lyn Says:

    Yes Netbeans is better, but saddly that they drop support for ruby on rails since v7,..

  29. yqjun Says:

    How do you think of Komodo IDE?

  30. sachin tyagi Says:

    thanks you ..(comparison gives better to choose better one for html, css , and js)

  31. double contract beds Says:

    Youre not the general blog writer, man. You definitely have something essential to bring about the web. Such an awesome blog. Ill return again for further.

  32. Mohammed Oumer Says:

    some peoples talk out of the topic like jimbo. I advice them not only “don’t drink and drive” but also “don’t drink and comment on discussion pages”.

    I am using netbeans and I didn’t face any challenge.

  33. James Murgolo Says:

    I use eclipse for android programming. Wonderful tool for that. I use Dreamweaver for interface programming, can’t find anything better. Now I use Netbeans for PHP and Javascipt. What a great tool. Great article!

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  35. rafaelbdb Says:

    Indeed… I’ve used Eclipse while learning Java, because it is (was?) the most used IDE for that.
    Eclipse is a very good free IDE, but when I got used to NetBeans (a bit hard at first), Eclipse looks like an Amature IDE…
    Eclipse depends on lots of plugins, each one made by a completely different person/company, and NetBeans was build by the guys who created Java itself! A “small” detail…
    Forgive my bad english ;-p

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  38. Dean Says:

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  39. Roxana Says:

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    Different” was a fantastic read and also I ended up being very happy to come across the blog
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  40. Jeremy Says:

    Thanks for this write up. Much appreciated.

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