Communication between Action Script 3.0 And Server

Some days ago I developed a personal facebook application. In that application, I’ve to communicate between my flash (AS 3.0) game and my server. Now I’ve given the scenario I’ve faced:

Case 1: My target was to develop a dictionary and some simple word puzzle type games. And the application is for facebook.

Case 2: I developed and implemented the dictionary using FBJS (Facebook javascript). For data exchange format between FBJS and PHP I use JSON format (Really a lightweight format). Finally I implemented the dictionary perfectly.

Case 3: Now I chose to develop the games using FBJS. But the problem was, by seeing view source anyone could see the data come from PHP.  So, I decided to use Action Script 2.0 to develop the games. I know AS 2.0 very well but I found there are lot of changes (Core changes) in AS 3.0. So I decided to develop games using Flash Action Script 3.0. As I also want to learn the new trends of AS 3.0.

Case 4. Now I described the problem I faced to develop AS 3.0 games and to integrate them into facebook and how I solved them.

After succesfully developed the game, when data sent to flash from my server, there are 2 ways to do that from AS 3.0
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