Zend Framework book

Zend Framework book

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3 Responses to “Zend Framework book”

  1. Mohammad Arif Hossen Says:

    Pls send me zendframework book

  2. osama Says:

    hello , i’m very glad that someone named Mohammad (PBUH) being important person and has something to give to the mankind,

    and i hope you help me to be like you… actually i’m php programmer but i don’t use any framework and after i check out the available frameworks i decide to work with zend framework ….. but i’ve found a lot of complexity to understand it or enter it ….
    therefor i’m looking for someone that have the ability to give me the head lines and guide me to the right way to use the zend frame work …. and i’m ready to pay …. what ever it takes
    thanks …. and i hope you hear my call

    • mahmud ahsan Says:

      @Osama, as you’re php developer, so its very easy for you to understand any framework. Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, symphony all are MVC based framework. I suggest you should first try to understand CodeIgniter, that’s a very easy to start. please visit codeigniter.com and read their tutorials.

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