Finally I got ZCE hardcopy certificate

After 6 months I got my ZCE Certificate. It looks cool. It comes with a sticker. Here it is: zce-certificate-logo2

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6 Responses to “Finally I got ZCE hardcopy certificate”

  1. Nadim Jahangir Says:

    cool man, congrats!

  2. hasin Says:

    next time, when you will take snap dont let your official mailbox open 🙂


    the cert looks good 🙂

  3. saidur rahman Says:

    Nice, Congratulates .. After how many days you got it?

    Well i want to add you in gtalk . Can you provide me your gtalk id in my emal .

  4. Harsha M V Says:


    Can u guide me.. how to study for the test. what all material did u use ?

    I am still an intermediate in PHP

    and why does it take six months to get the certificate ?

    • mahmudahsan Says:

      @harsha, there are lots of resource in web, just search in google zend certification exam syllabus, or zend certification exam preparation. you’ll find several resources and you’ve to guide by yourself.

  5. Hammad Says:

    Please let me know that what is the benefit of this ZCE Certificate??……….. And what benefit you have got after getting this Certificate

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