Windows Xp Vs Ubuntu

After 4 months I’ve to fully come back Windows Xp instead of Ubuntu Linux. There are some reasons why I’ve to take this major dicision.

  1. My laptop Compaq EvoN6206 is designed for Windows Xp. 512 ram and pentium M processor 1.4 GHZ gives better performance than Ubuntu or Fedora.
  2. As I’ve license to use Windows Xp so there is no problem to use it.
  3. In my laptop, Ubuntu is 3 times slower than Windows Xp.
  4. Ubuntu Hardy haron 8.04’s Ram management is not good. In windows when I minimize an application, it free the RAM taken by this app to other. But Ubuntu could’nt do it properly.
  5. As a web application developer, its a headache wheather your web application is running fine in Internet Explorer or Not. I couldn’t manage to run IE7 in linux.
  6. However, beside windows I still installed Ubuntu in my laptop. But, most of the time I’ll use Windows Xp. In future may be I use linux most of the time or will buy a Apple laptop to get the flavour of unix.

5 Responses to “Windows Xp Vs Ubuntu”

  1. Saifur Says:

    Apple Mac Book Pro is better. But regarding the comparison between ubuntu and windows couldn’t agree with you. Coz I am also using Compaq and I also have a licensed windows Vista but don’t use that. Using Ubuntu Hardy as Primary OS. This is much faster than Windows. Licensed windows often crashes and by proper handling with Ubuntu you can avoid crashing. As Ubuntu is free certainly you have to consider some thing. But there is always an alternate solution in Ubuntu. Anyway… stay fine.

  2. decemberdoom Says:

    Have you tried Linux while running a fast and light desktop enviroment? A large reason that it ran slower was probably because you were using GNOME or KDE for display managers. Try installing XFCE, it’s a lot faster and still looks great!

    Also, IE7 should work pretty well under WINE. Worked fine for me anyway…

  3. Velma Pellowski Says:

    Keep working ,great job!

  4. Crikes MacMillian Says:

    Linux is much faster then DOS…Just have to learn linux

  5. Team Roster Says:

    Maybe you should make changes to the webpage subject Windows Xp Vs Ubuntu Think Different to something more suited for your content you write. I loved the the writing even sononetheless.

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