J2ME – in Ubuntu

First of all, I want to say myself as a J2ME expert. In my university life I spent too much time in it. However come to the point, after completely changed my platform from Windows to Ubuntu Linux I’m free from pirated software.

For developing java application j2se+j2me I prefer to use NetBeans IDE. In ubuntu it’s very easy to install. But after installing I could develop j2me application using it but the emulator doesn’t run perfectly. I tried many times and installed all J2SE runtime and library like gcj …. and more … But I was failure to run using NetBeans IDE’s Emulator for J2ME.

Today I download the J2ME development environment from java.sun.com. I installed it and it runs perfectly. I could run j2me application also.

But I need to run application from NetBeans IDE. So I did this, tools->java platform->add platform
Then I set the location /opt/WTK2.5 . NetBeans IDE detects J2ME platform. And finally I’m success and happy to run J2ME application in Ubuntu using NetBeans IDE.


5 Responses to “J2ME – in Ubuntu”

  1. Leandro Paparelli Says:

    It is happening exactly the same on my system (Ubuntu 8.10 + Netbeans 6.5 + WTK 2.5.2). Do you have the link of that app?
    Thank you.

  2. Yonas Says:

    The NetBeans package in Ubuntu repository doesn’t include JavaME. Download NetBeans 6.5.1 (All) from netbeans website.

    I can run the “Java ME (MIDP)” demos, but the “(Richo SDK/J)” and “(BD-J)” require a CDC. Sun hasn’t released a CDC for linux yet….. Grrrrrrrr.

  3. Wattanapong Kurdthongmee Says:

    Several days ago, I had a trouble using J2ME with Netbeans on Ubuntu. The solution I had found was that:
    1) Download the version of Netbeans that supports J2ME,
    2) Install Netbeans,
    3) Open Netbeans and do not worry if you cannot see the Java platform for J2ME,
    4) Create a new J2ME project as normal. This step forces Netbeans to automatically activate J2ME,
    5) Recheck if J2ME platform has already been added.

    Hope that this might be helpful for others.

  4. EryQ Says:

    Assistance required pliz. I downloaded netbeans 6.5 & the mobility plugings as well.However, i cant get the emulator.Every time i try to start a new project on j2me, it says “no j2me compatible platform is installed in the IDE.
    How do i install SDK/Platform/Emulator

  5. JavaBeginer Says:

    Hi all! How can I run j2me App on Linux ( Ubuntu ) without NetBeansIDE??? I downloaded a game by file .jar and .jad but I don’t know how to run it without turning on NetBeansIDE.Can you help me??? Thanks!!!!

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