Finding Ubuntu Resources — In this searchable web forum and moderated
social network is a diverse, talented, and moderated community of Ubuntu users
and support staff. Here people share their success and setbacks with each other as
well as offering assistance and guidance. Chances are good that if you’re having
difficulty with something in Ubuntu, someone has already run into the same prob-
lem and found a solution. — This site offers paid support from Canonical Ltd.,
the company behind Ubuntu. If you don’t want to spend time searching through
the forums, or waiting for responses, Canonical Ltd. is one avenue for telephone,
e-mail, and web support costing around $20 a month. There is also Ubuntu train-
ing available aimed at companies and corporate users. — This site contains the official, up-to-date, online
documentation for each Ubuntu release. As newer Ubuntu releases come out, you
can come here to find out what’s new. — View recorded desktop sessions on how
to do different things with Ubuntu, from setting up a printer, to setting up Samba
file sharing, to installing updates to keep your Ubuntu system in top shape. Ubuntu
users are encouraged to join the Ubuntu Screencasts Launchpad Team (https:// to contribute. — Join the
Ubuntu-users mailing list and interact with Ubuntu users over e-mail to discuss
and solve problems that come up with everything from implementing mysql
databases to setting up a problematic network devices. An archive of past threads
can be viewed at — If you are interested in live
IRC chat support, you can visit the Ubuntu IRC resource page to find guidelines,
clients, and chat servers which are an available source of support, free at any time.
It is advisable to visit the Ubuntu Code of Conduct page (
community/conduct/) if you have not taken part in IRC chat before.


3 Responses to “Finding Ubuntu Resources”

  1. service manual Says:

    great share, thank

  2. vitalbodies Says:

    There are many wonderful blogs (like this one) that could be listed here.
    I decided to support Ubuntu in blog format rather than Forum format as you really have to sift through the forum format to find what you are looking for. There is a lot there but it takes a long time to find some answers. WordPress blog are much more search able in Google also.

  3. ubunturesources Says:

    I would also add and
    to this good list.


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