Today I installed Ubuntu 8.04 -The Hardy Heron

I always prefer Ubuntu for linux users specially home users. Besides windows I used Mandrake Linux 7, 8, 9, 10 then Fedora 4,5 and Ubuntu 7 and currently 8. I found Ubuntu is faster, easier to install.

In version 8.0, I found some difference.

1. There is no su command. Even the system when install don’t want the administrator or root user password.

2. As I used Nokia 6300 Phone for internet connection. I used this command to config. In the shell window I give command, sudo wvdialconf

Then wvdial.conf from /etc/ automatically changed.

Then I give command, wvdial to connect internet. At first time, my connection couldn’t established. I didn’t know about the reason. But right now, its working nicely.

However, i’ve to install a lot software for my works. Then I could give a brief description. However, I hope Ubuntu will replace windows completely in near future.

One Response to “Today I installed Ubuntu 8.04 -The Hardy Heron”

  1. gf4e Says:

    Well, I personally don’t think that Windows should die out, no. I think there always should be something to choose from. The products are different, both of them good in their own area.

    They removed root login for security purposes. Sudo does the job well, and you do not really have to be always the zero user.

    On the whole, Hardy is a lot simpler and convenient than other distributions. After trying Mandriva, Fedora and OpenSUSE, I decided I would stop on this one. 🙂

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