Ubuntu vs Fedora

Wow! Excellent! Nice!

I’m very exciting to work in Ubuntu Linux version 7.10. Before this I used Fedora Core 8. My previous linux os system experience was Mandrake Linux 7, 8, 9 and 10 and later Mandriva linux. After then beside Windows XP I used Linux Fedora. But Now I realized everything I needed is in Ubuntu.

  • For Home User, I found Ubunty (Gusty Edition) is more faster than Fedora Core 8.
  • For playing vedio: I downloaded VLC Player. It could play every media file including those that need to play in Herosoft of Windows XP.
  • Totem Player is also very nice as like as VLC Player.
  • I downloaded XMMS player to play audio files.
  • I also downloaded GNOCHM to read .chm file.
  • I could connect internet from my Nokia 6300 & Grameen Phone SIM.
  • Here I also have, GIMP (like Photoshop in Windows).
  • There are a lot of softwares developed and found for Ubuntu Linux in internet.
  • I’m free from virus tension!!! Because windows virus couldn’t work in Linux.
  • Today I installed NetBeans in my Ubuntu. And I found it runs slower in my laptop compare to Windows Version.

So, I decided not to move in Windows. But as a developer sometimes, I’ve to develop C# .Net application. Only few cases I’ve to move in Windows. Otherwise I’m very satisfied in my Ubuntu Linux.

To develop Java applications, Net Beans IDE linux version, JDK linux version are available. And XAMPP linux version is also available for developing PHP +Apache + MySql Application.

Oh!! User interface and special effects are more beautiful and exciting than Windows Vista or Xp. Would you not believe until you see it.

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13 Responses to “Ubuntu vs Fedora”

  1. pintoX Says:

    for c# .net in Linux you can use the MONO project , it works great!
    other than that, i’m sorry but i like Fedora and i just hate ubuntu 🙂

  2. Sujan Says:

    I installed Ubuntu hardy heron yesterday. Since I had installed from DVD, I had expected to find most of the packages to be installed like I get in Fedora Core 8. But I was not even given any option to select the packages. Later I tried from Add/Remove Packages. But it said it requires Internet. My question is, what is the difference between installing from CD and DVD? Afterall you get the same basic packages only.

    And moreover, I tried to setup PPPOE connection. But it says checking eth0 and stops after progress is 100%. Nothing more is done.

    I’m totally let down by Ubuntu 8.04. If this is due to my lack of knowledge about Ubuntu, I’m sorry. But Ubuntu SUCKS!!

    Cheers Fedore Core!!

  3. Kiran MN Says:

    Ubuntu is far better for biginers and it provided much better graphical User interface to install and configure. Live CD made it more easier to use. It can easily be installed by any person who have not operated linux earlier. Much faster to install. Most of the things are configured while installing. But Yes, it requires internet to add or remove features. ( This is where ubuntu needs to come up.

    Overall ubuntu is a fantastic OS for home PC / Laptop.

  4. Jithin K.Rajeev Says:

    I am currently on Ubuntu Intrepid. Would you suggest to stay in Ubuntu or move to Fedora 10. I haven’t tried Fedora. But heard people say it is powerful. I myself feel like sticking to Intrepid. What do you suggest.

  5. Eddie Says:

    I’m sorry I forgot to include the os system Linux fedora core 10 or Ubunta Eddie

  6. Eddie Says:

    I just want to know if has all the drivers and the capability to operate my printer, fax copier and camcorder scan disk i pod all my external hardware. Please give me the answer, are the two systems compatible, with other hardware. Thanks Eddie

  7. Caleb Says:

    All the reasons mahmudahsan has said are also possible with Fedora, ubuntu sucks a lot, too much need for internet. For VLC i prefer Mplayer or SMplayer, its front end, and why using xmms when there is amarok, kaffeine already installed in Fedora. I also connect my Nokia phone with kppp or wvdial for gprs.Gimp is there in Fedora and also many fedora softwares on the net. So fedora is much better than ubuntu. Again, Ubuntu sucks a lot, i even prefer mandriva to it, its the worst distro

  8. Justin Says:

    Caleb, tell us how you really feel! Why do you think Ubuntu sucks a lot? I find it the easiest to use and best community supported distro for newbs

  9. Bill C Says:

    I’ve been running FC10 for a few days now. I basically like it a lot, except for the way Firefox handles the video. As I scroll down a page, it double prints a few lines. Very annoying. Other than that, FC10 seems fine to me.

  10. Bijan Says:

    I dont recommend Fedora 10. I’ve been on Fedora since core 3 and I was a big fan of it till the core 10. now everything has changed and its like a lab for other devs to test their shitty codes. since the upgrade to 10 I have to deal with new bugs everyday and the system has never become stable! graphic, sound, keyboard all have issues! I’m so frustrated with everything in fedora after being a user for years (was on redhat before fedora) so I hate to say that I have to move to other more stable distro. not sure if Ubuntu will satisfy me. but I guess I’ll give it a shot. believe me! I understand the opensource community concept, but Fedora is a test bed for RHEL now and the way I see, it will never get stable. I hate to say this but Fedora will lose all his fans if it continue to release buggy updates.

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